Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Blue

aaaahhh... so i begin this at the end of the year my cousin had told me about this and i had to do it...lol an opportunity to type about my self???? omg i had to jump on it.....Annnywhoooooo Christmas was Grrrrrrrrrreat.... i got what i wanted A ps3 with no game and 1 1 controller...lol im so happy no lie!!! anyone else would be sad but i was soooo happy....and to day i got me a Camera!!! i love it!!! a nikon of course i went to meijers looking for one...and i saw it and i was like just throw it in thee bag idk about the cost(more like call my god mom to see if i could afford it..lmao) anywho i got it!!!! well its late i just wanted to say something to Begin to end this year with a bang!!! IM Big Blue signing OUT